Mumtaz Qadri buried in the presence of Thousands

Mumtaz Qadri has buried in his native town Sadiq Abad in the presence of thousands of people. The funral of Mumtaz Qadri took place in the Liaqat Bagh Rawalpindi yesterday. Thousands of members of religious parties and citizens took part in the burial ceremonies of the Qadri. The security was highly tied in the whole country specially Islamabad and Rawalpindi.  Roads and streets around Hussain Agahi Chowk were full of people got as thousands of people turned up to partake in Ghaibana Namaz-e-Janaza (funeral prayers in absentia) of Mumtaz Qadri on Tuesday.
The prayer was organized by Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) and activists of religious parties including JI, Tehrik Tahaffuz Namoos-e-Risalat , Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan and other political parties as well as traders and common citizens joined it. The funeral prayer was led by JI Multan Ameer Asif Mehmood Ikhwani.
Participants of the funeral registered a huge protest against the execution of the death sentence of Qadri. Remember That Mumtaz Qadri killed the former and late Governor of Punjab Salmaan Tasir in 2011 on the charges of giving statement against the blasphemy law in Pakistan.