Government cuts down the petrol and gas prices

 Government of Pakistan has decided to deliver the fruits of low prices of oil in the international market.

OGRA has now decided to cut down the prices of petrol diesel and CNG up to 12 percent. Petrol and diesel will be now available at a very low price in all over Pakistan. Petrol will be cut to 8 rupees and new price of the petrol will be 62.77 rupees whereas the previous price of the petrol was 71.25 per liter.

The price of High speed deiesel has also been cut down by Rs4.67 (6.16pc) to Rs71.12 per liter from Rs75.79 and that of LDO by Rs1.97 (4.93pc) to Rs37.97 per liter from Rs39.94. The ex-depot price of HOBC was reduced by Rs2.98 (3.94 pc) to Rs72.62 per liter from Rs75.60.

The government has not changed the rate of kerosene and it will remain at Rs43.25 per liter, Remember that government is receiving about 25 percent duty on all kinds of oil.

The government also decided to cut down the prices of gas in Punjab and 11 percent reduction has been ordered.