Nawaz Sharif criticizes NAB over threatening to GOVT officials
Nawaz Sharif criticizes NAB over threatening to GOVT officials

Nawaz Sharif

BAHAWALPUR: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday has given a warning to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to stay “within limits” and stop harassing to the government workers or action will be taken against it.

Addressing his party workers here, the prime minister said NAB must work its responsibilities sensibly. “They (NAB officials) barge into houses and offices of innocent people and harass them without looking into the authenticity of cases,” the premier said.

Nawaz said the NAB officials disgrace people in illegal cases, cause interferences and annoy and frighten government administrators. “I have brought this issue to the NAB chairman’s notice. He must take corrective measures or the government will initiate necessary and legal action,” he cautioned.

In his address, the prime minister promised to reinforce and authorize native governments to resolve public issues. “People have pinned great hopes on their local representatives and they will be fully empowered to serve the masses,” he further said.

“The duration of load shedding has been reduced across thecountry as the government has launched several projects to overcome the energy crisis,” the PM said. He said lying was justified when there was a threat to one’s life; however, he had never lied. He said he did not believe in politics based on lies; however, politicians these days tell nothing but lies. “It is not in accordance with the democratic norms that people elect a leader and another party topples his government,” he added.