British Parliamentarians asks Pakistan to stop discriminating Ahmadis

British Parliamentarians asks Pakistan to stop discriminating Ahmadis

British Parliamentarians has warned Pakistan to take steps to protect the rights of Ahmadiyya community. If Ahmadis keeps getting hate and injustice in the society Pakistan can lost the aid from Britain permanently.  Taking part in a discussion in the House of Commons on “Persecution of Religious Minorities: Pakistan”, more than 15 MPs reminded the plight of Christians, Sikhs and Hindus along with that of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community in the country to seek a review of aid.

Pakistan is one of the largest receivers of British bilateral aid, getting nearly £1.17 billion between 2011 and 2015. The MPs paid honor to Britain’s peaceful Ahmadiyya Muslim community and remembered Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s 1947 speech promising a secular Pakistan.

Siobhain McDonagh (Labour), who led the debate, said:

“The Ahmadiyya community is also denied the right to religious freedom and expression in Pakistan. On orders from the united religious clerics board, all works by that religious group are now banned in the region of Punjab.

“That includes books, CDs, periodicals and newspapers, and it means that hundreds of thousands of law-abiding Ahmadi Muslims in Punjab face police searches, criminal charges and up to five years in prison. Those texts are all religious, and their censorship is totally unjustified.”

Concentrating on the plight of women from minorities, Fiona Bruce (Conservative) said: “Following this debate, I hope that the UK government and those responsible for disseminating aid in Pakistan will pay particular attention to the plight of women and girls in religious minorities, because they are doubly at risk of discrimination, regardless of the faith they adhere to.”

She added: “They risk systematic abduction, extortion, hijacking, being held for ransom, trafficking, rape, forced marriage, forced conversions, and allegations of blasphemy…Women is treated as second class, but if they come from a minority group, they are third class citizens. For example, Hindu girls in Sindh and Christian girls in Punjab are abducted, raped, or forced to convert to Islam in the face of extreme pressure, including threats to them and their families.”

Siobhain McDonagh MP, is also Chair of UK All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

MPs also demanded the Pakistan Government to free 70-year-old Mr Abdul Shakoor, an Ahmadi seller from Rabwah who was imprisoned in January for 7 years under the country’s anti-terror laws and anti-Ahmadi laws for possessing copies of the Holy Quran and some religious books.

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Majlis Khudam Ul Ahmadiyya Maqami organizing All Rabwah football Tournament

Majlis Khudam Ul Ahmadiyya Maqami organizing All Rabwah football Tournament

Majlis Khudam Ul Ahmadiyya Maqami organizing all Rabwah Block wise football tournament. 16 teams will take part in the tournament and all the teams will play pool matches to qualify for the quarter finals of the competition. Two teams from each group will go forward. Majlis Khudam Ul Ahmadiyya organizing back to back sports events and has already finished All Rabwah Basketball tournament, All Rabwah Volleyball tournament, hockey League and cricket league is already continuing

Dar Ul Rehmat won All Rabwah volleyball tournament

Dar Ul Rehmat won All Rabwah volleyball tournament in a nail biting contest

Dar Ul Rehmat

Dar Ul Rehmat has win All Rabwah volleyball tournament from team factory Area. According to the details Majlis Khudam Ul Ahmadiyya Maqami organized All Rabwah volleyball tournament. The Final of the competition was played between the team of Dar Ul Rehmat and factory Area. Remember that these are the two most skilled teams of Rabwah and both sides contains very professional and experts players. Both teams often reach in the finals of the tournament and have a long rivalry but this time Dar ul Rehmat managed to win the contest. First two sets won by the Team Factory Area but team Dar Ul Rehmat made a remarkable comeback and won the remaining three sets to become the champions of Rabwah.