All Rabwah Ilmi and warzashi rally 2016 was came to end with a very graceful and significant ending ceremony in Ewan E Mehmood Rabwah. In this ceremony all the winners and top position holders of all the companions and contests were awarded. Remember that Majlis Khudam Ul Ahmadiyya maqami orgnised all Rabwah Ilmi & warzashi rally to promote the sports in Rabwah. In this rally a number of competitions were organized including athletics. There were many traditional contests were also kept in the program such as Rassa Kashi , Sabit qadmi etc.  A large number of youngsters took part in the competitions.  The Chief guests gave the rewards to the winners and in the end a very comprehensive and advisory speech to the audience and athletes. In the end all the guests were served with a meal.


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