Tahir Homeopathic Research and Training Institute

This Institute stated as a small dispensary which was established by Doctor Waqar Manzoor Basra. Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad named this institute as Tahir homeopathic operates free clinics throughout the year. On 17 April 2005, inauguration of Tahir Homeopathic Research and Training Institute was held. This institute can give treatment to approximately 1,15,000 patients per year. This institute includes 5 doctors and female doctors with 24 other helping staff. Free medicine was dispensed to 44,000 patients last year. The Institute decided to open new clinics in other countries. These all clinics will be operated through email system in other countries. All diagnosis and patient records are stored and maintained on computers to ease follow-up. Many people visits Tahir Homeopathic Institute and patients from all over the country come for treatment.