Introduction and History of T.I. College

The college was opened in India in 1944, with Sahibzada Mirza Nasir Ahmad as Principal.
In his farewell speech, He said: “I have reared this college as my own child and the college will always remain dear to my heart.” Staff in the beginning included Prof. Yahya bin Isa, Prof. Syed Fazal Ahmad (who later joined the Indian Police Service and rose to the rank of an Inspector General), Prof. Dr. Sultan Mahmood Shahid, Prof. Sheikh Mahboob Alam Khalid, Prof. Akhwand Mohammad Abdul Qadir and Prof. Abdul Rehman Nasir. Dr. Abdul Ahad who later headed the Fazal-e-Omer Research Institute), Prof. Sufi Basharat-ur-Rehman, Prof. Mian Ata-ur-Rehman, Prof. Chaudhry Mohammad Ali, Prof. Ata-ur-Rehman Ghani, Prof. Abbas bin Abdul Qadir, Maulan Arjumand Khan, Prof. Mohammad Safdar and Maulana Ghulam Ahmad Badhomallhi.
A historic photo of the first Convocation held on 2nd April 1950.




A brief history of T. I. College
(by Dr. S.M. Shahid)

5 “When Sahibzada Mirza Nasir Ahmad, decided to open a college in India, he set up a committee to make the necessary arrangements. The following were the members of the College Committee.

1. Hazrat Mirza Bashir Ahmad
2. Prof. Qazi Mohammad Aslam
3. Malik Ghulam Farid
4. Sahibzada Mirza Nasir Ahmad

Prof. Qazi Mohammad Aslam was the chairman of the committee, while Malik Ghulam Farid was its secretary. After due deliberations, the recommendations of the committee were accepted as follows:
a) The college should start functioning in June 1944.
b) The college should be named Talim-ul-Islam College.
c) Sahibzada Mirza Nasir Ahmad should be the Principal of the college.
d) The college should be housed in the building of Talim-ul-Islam High School, which should shift to a new building.

The following were appointed as members of the teaching staff:

1. Sahibzada Mirza Nasir Ahmad – Principal and lecturer in Political Science
2. Akhwand Mohammad Abdul Qadir, Lecturer in English
3. Soofi Basharat-ur-Rehmad, lecturer in Arabic
4. Ch Mohammad Ali, lecturer in Philosophy
5. Rana Abdur Rehman Nasir, lecturer in Mathematics
6. Syed Fazal Ahmad, lecturer in English
7. Abbas bin Abdul Qadir, lecturer in History
8. Ata-ur-Rehman Ghani, lecturer in Physics
9. Yahya bin Isa, lecturer in Chemistry
10. Mahboob Alam Khalid, lecturer in Urdu
11. Abdur Rehman, lecturer in Persian
12. Maulvi Mohammad Din, librarian
As a result of partition of the sub-continent, the college had to leave India and come to Pakistan. After shifting to Pakistan, Sahibzada Mirza Nasir Ahmad directed the college committee to look for a suitable building for the college anywhere in Punjab. The following buildings were visited and considered, as they had been evacuated by similar institutions:
1. Sikh National College, Lahore
2. Khalsa College Lyallpur (now Faisalabad)
3. S. D. College Rawalpindi
4. D.A.V. College Rawalpindi
5. D. A. V. College Lahore
Before a final decision was taken in favor of D. A. V. College Lahore, the college was housed in a deserted building in the vicinity of F. C. College. Since F. C. College was short of staff, it allowed its science labs to be used by T. I. College with the condition that some of T.I. College staff will teach their students. Professors Sultan Mahmood Shahid and Habibullah Khan, therefore taught at F. C. College in return for permission to use their Physics and Chemistry laboratories.
In September 1954 the college shifted to Rabwah. The following joined the teaching staff at Rabwah at various times starting 1954:

1. Mubarak Ahmad Ansari
2. Masood Ahmad Atif
3. Chaudhry Ata Ullah
4. Zafar Ahmad Vaince
5. Naseer Ahmad Bashir
6. Mirza Khurshid Ahmad
7. Chaudhry Mohammad Sharif Khalid
8. Chaudhry Hameedullah
9. Rafiq Ahmad Saqib
10. Kunwar Idrees – taught for some time before joining the civil service
11. Saeed Ahmad Khan Rehmani – taught for some time before joining the civil service
12. Chaudhry Hamid Ahmad
13. Motasim Hamatullah
14. Aftab Ahmad – taught for some time before joining the civil service
15. Abdur Rashid Ghani
16. Ch. Mohammad Sultan Akbar
17. Mohammad Aslam Sabir
18. Nasir Ahmad Parwazi
19. Saeed Ullah Khan
20. Mohammad Ahmad Anwar
21. Chaudhry Mahfooz-ur-Rehman
22. Anwar Hasan
23. Syed Habib-ur-Rehman
24. Nazir Ahmad
25. Abdul Rashid Fauzi
26. Mohammad Sharif Khan
27. Ch. Aziz Ahmad
28. Abdul Jaleel Sadiq
29. Rashid Ahmad Javed
30. Ijazul Haq Qureshi
31. Mubarak Ahmad Abid
32. Saeed Ahmad Chatha
33. Mohammad Arshad Tirmazi
34. Sadiq Ali
35. Abdul Shakoor Aslam
Group Photo provided by Comd. Mohammad Aslam Chaudhry
Convocation of T.I. College Lahore (1951)


Opening at Rabwah in 1955


A photo of staff with Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II after the opening in Rabwah


The college maintained the tempo of its progress at Rabwah. It is now working under government. It is located in Rabwah Chenab Nagar District, Chiniot in front of Gora Dhor.
Discipline Degree Name Duration Fee / Year Deadline Last Merit
BA [PASS] 2 Years NA NA NA
B.Sc. 2 Years NA NA NA
MA 2 Years NA NA NA
M.Sc. 2 Years NA NA NA
General Science
FSC 2 Years NA NA NA
FA 2 Years NA NA NA
Science [pre-engineering]
Science [pre-medical]