Tahir Heart Institute

One of the plans for the near future is the opening of a new 6-storey cardiac institute. The center was named after Mirza Tahir Ahmad, who died in April 2003 and it was his desire to have such a center in Rabwah. This new institute provided various ranges of cardiac care such as open heart surgery, full cardiac support services and angiography / angioplasty treatment. A 250 seated auditorium is also build, and there is facilities for patient care. Tahir Heart Institute (THI) will also incorporate a research center. In addition to this, architectural plans are made for an air ambulance that will be used to transport patients to and from the hospital.
Tahir Heart Institute aims to serve humanity and would remain viable by providing cost effective services to all alike. Tahir Heart Institute provides its patients and their loved ones with dignity, compassion, comfort and full patient confidentiality. In fulfilling this mission Tahir heart Institute recognizes the needs of each individual with special concern for the sick and the poor.
The following medical services are available in the hospital:
• General Surgery
• Gynaecology And Obstetrics
• Eye surgery
• Dental Surgery
• Anaesthesia
• Medicine
• Paediatriac
• Laboratory Services
• Radiology Services
• Pharamceuticals Services

Contact: 047-6216010-12