Nasir Fire and Rescue Service establishment is part of a series. The main purpose of this service was to recue valuable life.
The first class of firefighting was held on 19th August to 7 September 2000. In November 2000 this organization became active. Initially firefighting office was established in the Mahmood House by the grace of Allah it is now moved to new building.
Reception is located at the ground floor, a sitting room (Sitting Lounge) and there is also a superintendent’s office. On the first floor there is a classroom for firefighters where refresher courses, training classes are conducted and also there is a rest room and a guest room. On the ground floor there are stands for fire trucks and a store room where all the equipment required for firefighter is placed.
Nasir Fire and rescue service currently have two fire trucks, firefighting and all the required first aid equipment. In addition to the permanent members of the staff of more than 40 volunteers are always ready for the emergency situations. Also nearby towns and villages acknowledges the company services. This institute gave its best services in 2010 when the flood stroke.

The report Nasir Fire and Rescue Service (2004-2015) Details Attendants
1. Fire affected areas 173
2. Total tankers 17,505
3. Free tankers 3,159
4. Refresher course attendants 148
5. Attendance 4,140

* In 2010-2012 with help of Civil Defense Nasir Fire Staff rescued flood affected areas.
* All party (id, counseling, Friday, at the funeral Categories duties and wedding duty etc.) Nasir Fire staff has done their services very well.