Fazle Omar Hospital Rabwah

Fazl-e-Omar Hospital is a leading private health care institute which is located in Punjab, Pakistan. It was established in 1958 and now it has the best medical facilities. It is not only providing hospital services to the local community but it is also providing services for the patients that are outside the town and village.
Its roof area is 115,000 square feet. There are 150 beds and the medical staff is very highly trained. Fazl-e-Omar provides major specialties in medical care (surgery, medicine and paediatrics) in a very caring atmosphere. More than 140,000 patients were seen last year in the OPD.



Begum Zubaida Bani Wing

zbaida bani


In 2003 Begum Zubaida Bani Wing was established in Fazl-e-Omar Hospital. Mainly focused on gynaecology/obstetrics unit at the hospital. This three story modern facility was started for women comprising of gynaecology outpatient’s clinic, antenatal/postnatal wards, gynaecology and operation theatre. In the building there is also an incorporated paediatric ICU unit. The department provides 24-hour delivery suite. Almost 900 delivery cases are annually dealt. Begum Zubaida Bani Wing includes large waiting areas, well developed, playing area for children’s in the outpatient’s clinic, central oxygen supply and suction units, also consist of air-conditioned rooms. Hepatitis patients has a separate set-up in Begum Zubaida Bani Wing. Also equipped with patients elevator.

The following medical services are available in the hospital:
• General Surgery
• Gynaecology And Obstetrics
• Eye surgery
• Dental Surgery
• Anaesthesia
• Medicine
• Paediatriac
• Laboratory Services
• Radiology Services
• Pharamceuticals Services

Contact:  047-6213970, 047-6211373