Chenab Nagar Station Train Time

Train Arrival and Departure Timings

Chenab Nagar is a railway station in Pakistan.
The arrival and departure timings of major trains at Chenab Nagar, halting time and train details that stop in this railway station in Pakistan are displayed here Chenab Nagar.
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Station Time Table

Train Name Arrival Departure
Mari Indus (dn) 1:35:00 1:37:00
Sargodha Express (dn) 5:40:00 5:42:00
Sargodha Express (up) 19:51:00 19:53:00
Super Express (dn) 19:51:00 19:53:00
Super Express (up) 8:06:00 8:08:00
Mari Indus (up) 0:09:00 0:11:00

Noor ul Ain (Blood & Eye Bank)

Noor ul Ain (Blood & Eye Bank)

A sense of discomfort of others and trying to remove it has always been the priority of Ahmadiyya community. Due to this spirit of compassion to those who are in need of blood which is a valuable service. There services to mankind has been spectacular. On 8 March 1999, blood bank was organized in Mahmood Hall.

Pathology Laboratory:

Under this section all the necessary tests with a very reasonable prices which are conducted

  1. Statefax Chemistry Analyser
  2. Humalyser
  3. Sysmex Haemotology Analyser
  4. Reader Statefax Eliza

The company has high quality machinery and for performing these tests qualified and experienced staff is present.

Blood bank:

Standard test blood substitute based is provided by the blood bank. The department provides Whole Blood, Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP), Packed Red Cells (PRC), Platelets and other blood Products 24/7. The blood is donated and protected by the department in very organized way.

Plasma machine is also present in the department. Modern Refrigerating Centrifuge machine manufactures the Plasma Extractor to separate the plasma, while Plasma Freezer can store 500 bags. To store a few days Platelets, Platelets Agitator is present.

Whole Blood or the PRC Helmar kabld Bank for storage in the lower slabs can be simultaneously store 600 bags.

Eye Bank:

Active eye campaign was started in November 2000. The main objective was to provide sight to the blind. The main objective of the association was that after the death of the donor the donar donates cornea to the appropriate blind persons.

Association and the Bank’s main office is located in the building of Noor-ul-Ain-Daira-tul-Khidmat-al-Insaniya. 15 seminars have been held on eye donation movement and also conducted seminars on health topics. Nurai Donors Association and the Bank’s scope has been expanded nationwide. The Association has 26 branches across Pakistan.

Dental Clinic:

In 2007, the dental clinic for women and children was inaugurated in Noor-ul-Ain-Daira-tul-Khidmat-al-Insaniya by Mirza Muhammad Khurshid Ahmad. Up to this date total 7794 patients have been checked, the number of X-ray taken are 1378.

Contact: 047-6212312

Fazle Omar Hospital Rabwah

Fazle Omar Hospital Rabwah

Fazl-e-Omar Hospital is a leading private health care institute which is located in Punjab, Pakistan. It was established in 1958 and now it has the best medical facilities. It is not only providing hospital services to the local community but it is also providing services for the patients that are outside the town and village.
Its roof area is 115,000 square feet. There are 150 beds and the medical staff is very highly trained. Fazl-e-Omar provides major specialties in medical care (surgery, medicine and paediatrics) in a very caring atmosphere. More than 140,000 patients were seen last year in the OPD.



Begum Zubaida Bani Wing

zbaida bani


In 2003 Begum Zubaida Bani Wing was established in Fazl-e-Omar Hospital. Mainly focused on gynaecology/obstetrics unit at the hospital. This three story modern facility was started for women comprising of gynaecology outpatient’s clinic, antenatal/postnatal wards, gynaecology and operation theatre. In the building there is also an incorporated paediatric ICU unit. The department provides 24-hour delivery suite. Almost 900 delivery cases are annually dealt. Begum Zubaida Bani Wing includes large waiting areas, well developed, playing area for children’s in the outpatient’s clinic, central oxygen supply and suction units, also consist of air-conditioned rooms. Hepatitis patients has a separate set-up in Begum Zubaida Bani Wing. Also equipped with patients elevator.

The following medical services are available in the hospital:
• General Surgery
• Gynaecology And Obstetrics
• Eye surgery
• Dental Surgery
• Anaesthesia
• Medicine
• Paediatriac
• Laboratory Services
• Radiology Services
• Pharamceuticals Services

Contact:  047-6213970, 047-6211373