Darul Sanaat Vocational Institute

On March 2, 1935 Hazrat Basheer-ud-Din Mahmood Ahmad inaugurated this institute. Hazrat Basheer-ud-Din Mahmood Ahmad took a stick and broke it into half and said there is no shame in doing job by your own hands rather it is a very respectful job.

This is a Vocational Education Institute for teaching different technical skills to the students who are not pursuing other Academics.

Darul Saanat education and accommodation of students in the movement was organized by Tehreek-e-Jadeed. Initial issues and beliefs were given oral instruction. There were three sectors (carpentry, Ahangary and leather). Babu Ali Akbar (who was Inspector of Railways Department and was retired) was honorary appointed as supervisor of industrial activity. The industrial company successfully kept until 1947.


Darul Saanat Technical Training Institute


For a long time there was a need of an authorized institution where unemployed servants were to teach the skills in Rabwah so this service was offered to the council. Due to this council agreed to start a technical training institute which was named as ‘Darul Saanat’.

On 5 Feb 2004, under urgency rented a building and started working. In June 2008, it was shifted to the building located in East Uloom Bashir. The company was established four years in this place. It was decided that 10 kanal land in the west Darul Fazal was allocated for future activities.

22 December 2012 upon the establishment of Darul Fazal West Shifting from Darul Uloom was launched. The President’s Council prayed and passed some necessary instructions. The company currently have 3 classrooms, practical accommodation for the shed and a room for boys where they can live. All classes in this building are institutional since February 2013.

* Annual average 100 to 150 students in this institution are efficient and useful life of the individual and society are built.

*At this time the company is teaching auto mechanic, movies carrier, auto electrician, general electrician, refrigeration, air conditioning and welding, steel fabrication, plumbing, computer hardware and Internet networking skills.


Darul Saanat Auto Workshop

There is an auto mechanic workshop located in the building of fire station where cars of any institution and also private cars are repaired. This workshop is actually functional for the students of automobile where they can be trained.