old man killed

70 years old man killed due to a few tea drops


Chenab Nagar: A Pickup small truck was traveling from Khushab when it stopped on the Koat Ismaeil Bridge for checking air pressures of tires.

A 70 years old man from the truck was walking near a man Fahad Lali who was drinking tea, an old man mistakenly hit the teacup by which a few drops of tea were dropped on the Fahad Lali.

Fahad Lali could not control his anger and attacked the old man and hit directly on his chest with an elbow in results the old man died.


Police parade

DPO Chiniot inspects the Police parade

Chenab Nagar: To increase the discipline and behavior of policemen a Police parade was held in the police lines of chiniot.

Police parade

In the parade policeman from across the District took part and showed their skills.

The policemen from all the departments took part in the parade which includes Trafic Police, Elite Police, and ladies Police.

DPO Muhammad Anwar kethran inspected the parade and the vehicles which are under use of the Police and directed to use the government resources with good faith.

filtration Plant

Rabwah water filtration Plant in Bad condition.


Chenab Nagar: The only water filtration plant situated in the Rabwah is in bad condition due to the negligence of the administration and is almost non-operational.

This plant was built by the government and it cost millions of rupees but due to the poor performance of the local administration this is in bad condition and only a few taps are working.

People have to wait for hours to get some liters of water because only a few taps are functional.

When the authorities were approached and were asked about this issue they said that they have knowledge about this issue and will solve this issue very soon.


Husband honor killed wife of 3 children in Chiniot.

Chenab Nagar:

A women wife o more than 3 children were killed early this morning by her husband on the name of honor.

Her husband says that she was characterless and was a shame for him to be his husband.

He planned with his friends and killed her after he grabbed her neck with a cloth and dragged her in the streets.

Police have arrested the killer and his friends.

The deceased woman was working in a house in Islamabad and she was in Chiniot on eid vacations.





Father of Rana Kashif Mubeen Advocate passed away.


Chenab Nagar: Father of Rana Kashif Mubeen Advocate, (a well-known lawyer of Chenab Nagar), Mr, Rana Abdul Hakeem Kathgardhi has passed away at the age of 89.

He was a simple and humble man and famous personality in Rabwah.

He was also Fater of Mumtaz Shakoor (Germany), Saeed Nasir, Muneeb Rana, Rana Naveed from England.

His funeral prayer will be offered at Mubarik Mosque Rabwah on 09-06-2019 after Asar Prayer.




People Across Pakistan Celebrating Eid.

Chenab Nagar RABWAH

Muslims in Pakistan, especially in Rabwah, are celebrating Eid-UL-Fitr Today.

People in Rabwah Offered Eid Prayers in the different Mosques of Rabwah.

On this occasion, security arrangments were made and police were deployed at the sensitive areas of the Rabwah.

People are sending greetings to each other.

People are going to many amusement parks and enjoying this Eid.



Slaughter House waste not properly disposing off by TMA

Chenab Nagar: Due to the negligence of TMA Rabwah the waste of slaughterhouse is not disposed of properly.

The waste and remains of animals are not buried in the ground that’s why the smell of waste is a causing serious problem to the public.

Due to hard weather, the remains of animals are decomposing quickly and due to fast winds, it is spreading widely across the city which is causing the problem in breathing and many diseases.

The public of the Rabwah has demanded from higher authorities to take notice of that and make the TMA responsible so they can do their work properly.

Rabwah News

A woman commits suicide from Chenab Bridge

A woman has committed suicide by jumping into a Chenab river. The 25-year-old girl jumped from the railway bridge, Chenab Nagar, Tanha City Chenniot, allegedly committed suicide. According to an eyewitness, the girl jumped from the railway bridge. Rescue teams removed dead body. The dead body was shifted to DHQ Hospital.  City police are on the spot. The police investigation is being processed. The dead body of a woman is not recognized yet.

Rabwah News

Rescue operation.


Boy drowned to death in Chenab Nagar

Chenab Nagar: A boy of age 23 drowned to death in the Chenab river in the area of KHARDKAN.

He was trying to cross the Chenab river by swimming through it.

Rescue teams are searching for the body of the boy.

A boy named Jabir Ali son of Muhammad Ali was resident of Khardkan, the area along the Chena River.

Man killed his mother due to domestic quarrel

Man killed his mother due to domestic quarrel

File photo

According to resources “Naeem Ahmad” the murderer has done marriage with a girl living abroad but unfortunately the marriage did not last long, and she took divorce after some time. Naeem thinks that it was his mother’s hand behind his divorce  so that why he killed her. He was lonely brother of her four sisters.

Remember, the culprit was a resident of muhalla Naseerabad Sultan.