Rabwah sports events updates

Masroor Hockey Series

Masroor Hockey Series


This series is organized by MKA Muqami Rabwah and it will start on 30 January 2016 and will end on 1 February 2016. 4 teams are participating in the series. The teams are:

  1. Team Noor
  2. Team Mahmood
  3. Team Nasir
  4. Team Tahir


According to MKA Muqami the aim is to bring sportsmanship between the players and to bring awareness between the players that how to play in team or in other words the players will know what is team work. We wish good luck to all the teams.

All Rabwah Volley Ball Tournament

All Rabwah Volley Ball Tournament

This tournament is named as Masroor Sports Rally and organized by MKA Muqami Rabwah. 8 teams are participating in this tournament and they divided in to two pools. In each there are 4 teams. Each team will play against other 3 teams in their pool. The court selected for the tournament is Darul Nasar Wasti. This tournament will start on 5 February 2016. 4 teams will qualify for semifinals (two teams from pool A and two from pool B). Semifinals will be on 11 February 2016 and final will be 12 February 2016 at 3:30 pm. The schedule is given below:

Volley Ball2

Opening ceremony

Masroor Cricket League 2016 MKA Muqami Rabwah

It’s a great effort by the MKA and is a great platform for the players to show their abilities and it will built sportsman ship among the players. 12 teams are participating in the league. All the players were divided into three categories (A, B, C). One by one the players were selected by the captains on their turns. The matches consist of 8 overs per team.


Opening Ceremony was held on 23 January 2016 and the honorable guest was Dr. Abdul Khaliq. Teams are divided by the following names and under the captaincy:


The opening match was played by Team Omar vs Abu Bakar. Team Omar won the opening match.


We wish that this tournament goes well till the end and all the teams play well and show good sportsman ship.

Masroor Cricket League

There is a tournament organized which is named as Masroor cricket league in which 12 teams are participating. Three categories were formed (A, B, C) in which all the players were distributed and then they were selected by captain of every team. Opening ceremony will be held on 23 of January at 3:00pm. Schedule of Masroor Cricket League is given below: