Australia Day 2017 at Baitul Huda Mosque, Marsden Park


The guests heard speeches from Clean Up Australia Day founder Ian Kiernan, Ahmadiyya national president Imam Kauser, and Muslim elders and youth.

With a barbecue sizzling outside and flags adorning nearly every guest, Baitul Huda Mosque was the epitome of patriotism on Australia Day.

The Ahmaddiya Muslim Association’s ‘Muslims for Loyalty’ campaign took social media by storm in the lead up to the annual celebration.

Mosques around Australia greeted guests for lunch, while Muslims also joined in secular celebrations.

The Marsden Park mosque hosted about 450 people for a formal morning program followed by barbecue lunch.

The guests heard speeches from Clean Up Australia Day founder Ian Kiernan, Ahmadiyya national president Imam Kauser, and Muslim elders and youth.

An Ahmaddiya spokesman said the community has a long association with Clean Up Australia.

The Marsden Park mosque has been recognised several times for topping the country in terms of numbers of volunteers and money raised for the organisation.

“The common theme [of the speeches] was how lucky we are, how grateful we are to call Australia home,” the spokesman said.

“We don’t just talk about it, we put it in our actions as well.”

Imam Kauser said he enjoys that Australia celebrates with a barbecue, rather than fireworks, which promotes the values of brotherhood and friendliness.

Other guests at the Baitul Huda Australia Day celebration included Blacktown Police chief inspector Bob Fitzgerald, WASH House board member Sharron Wood, and Aboriginal elder Greg Simms.

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Donald Trump is ‘NOT a racist’: Black Country Muslim leader calls for US President to be welcomed

Donald Trump is ‘NOT a racist’: Black Country Muslim leader calls for US President to be welcomed
A Black Country based Muslim leader has called for Donald Trump to be welcomed to the UK as he insisted the US President was ‘not a racist’.
Wasim Shah, outreach coordinator for the West Birmingham Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, said it was vital that the UK kept open ‘channels for discussion’ with Mr Trump.

The US President provoked worldwide outrage when he enacted an order barring immigrants from seven majority-Muslim countries from visiting the US, and blocking entry for refugees for 120 days.

Mr Shah, who is based in Halesowen, said: “I don’t agree with some of Trump’s views but we have to respect his opinion. For me he is not a racist.

“He is the President of the United States and as such he is entitled to have his say.

“His comments often cause a great deal of controversy, but I see our task as trying to educate him in a positive light.”

Mr Shah added: “He was elected to lead the American people and it is important we keep open the channels for discussion with him here in the UK.
“Personally I am not against him coming here and won’t be protesting if he does.”

However, other Muslim leaders in the region are at odds with Mr Shah’s view.

Mohammed Yaseen Khan, of Wolverhampton’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, said Mr Trump’s decision to single out mainly Muslim countries in his immigration crackdown was ‘a racist move’ that could spark World War Three.

“He has picked seven countries, none of which have ever attacked the United States or its citizens,” he said.

“The likes of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain have been left off the list, presumably because he has business interests there.

“The ban is a racist move that could have dreadful consequences.

“Unless his advisors talk some sense into him he might well initiate World War Three.”

Home Secretary Amber Rudd has warned Mr Trump’s travel ban could become a ‘propaganda opportunity’ for ISIS.

She said: “I think the important thing is for this Government to state that we disagree with the ban and we have said that it is divisive, it is wrong. I will continue to say that.”

MPs are set to hold a debate on the Government’s offer of a full UK state visit for Mr Trump on February 20.

Nobel Prize nomination: German-Pakistani author proposed in Literature category

The German Economic Forum has proposed Pakistani-origin author Jamal Qaiser’s book Der fremde Erfolgsfaktor (The Foreign Success Factor) for the nomination of the literature novels of Nobel Laureates in Literature in Stockholm.

With Germany’s population registering both hot and cold temperatures towards refugees and Donald Trump’s suggestion that German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel’s policy regarding refugees is “utterly crazy,” the attitude towards asylum seekers and individuals migrating to Germany is often characterised by pessimism and hopelessness.

Finding inspiration for achievement and success among young migrants to Germany is, therefore, even more encouraging against this backdrop.

In a statement, the Economic Forum Deutschland gem. e.V. said, “It is our honor to propose Mr. Jamail Qaiser’s book Der fremde Erfolgsfaktor for the nomination of the literature novels of Nobel Laureates in Literature in Stockholm.”

Qaiser, who was born in Pakistan, shows not only the way forward, encouraging all migrants to Germany, but also demonstrates that diversity – or being a foreigner in Germany – has distinct advantages.

The author shared his feelings with Geo News, stating he is very proud of the fact that from all over Germany, his book has been selected as a nomination.

Speaking on Pakistani diaspora living in Germany, Qaiser said that immigrants can be a great asset for Germany, especially students coming in for higher education in large numbers every year. He added that by making legal immigration easier, the country can make sure that young graduates and skilled immigrants from Pakistan find good opportunities in the German job market.

Himself being a migrant, Qaiser went through the complicated German school system. He first worked as a salesman in the Frankfurt flea markets, then went for higher education at Harvard Business School, and finally returned to Germany as an entrepreneur and investment banker.

He extends encouragement for fellow migrants in four points:

  • Germany offers every opportunity to those willing to work for success
  • Germany and the EU need entrepreneurs
  • Believing in yourself is all important
  • Success, not only in Germany but in the EU and the USA, is possible for migrants

Qaiser’s book enhances possibilities to vitalise economic growth by improving the underpinnings and infrastructure for migrant integration.

At the Frankfurter Book Fair, getAbstract – a company creating business books’ abstracts – awarded Qaiser one of their only two German book awards for 2016.

Final nominations of the literature novels of Nobel Laureates in Literature in Stockholm will officially be released later this year.


Muslims in Regina in shock after shooting in Quebec City that killed six

Sunday night’s shooting at a Quebec City mosque that killed six people and injured eight others struck a nerve for Saad Abbasi.

“I just thought about my parents and just some friends and family friends and who could be afflicted by something like this,” said Abbasi, who is from Montreal and now lives in Regina.

Abbasi said that while Quebec has experienced an increase in Islamaphobia in recent years, he couldn’t recall an incident where Muslims were killed in their place of worship in North America.

“That right away made me feel very unsafe, and not just for Muslims, but I think for people of all different denominations,” said Abbasi.

Mosques across Canada belonging to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, including Regina’s Mahmood Mosque, are taking extra security precautions in the wake of the attack.

“This is something that unfortunately we don’t want to do because our mosques are open to everybody, but due to the severe circumstances at the moment we are establishing stricter security policies,” said Zeeshan Ahmed, who is an imam at the mosque.

After it received a call from a concerned member of one local mosque, the Regina Police Service gave assurances that it is keeping the local Islamic community in mind. During a press conference Monday, the RPS said it would be increasing patrols in areas surrounding mosques within the city. The RPS cultural diversity unit will also be reaching out to mosques.

“There isn’t an indication of an elevated threat, but it is important for people to know that we’re here and available,” said RPS spokeswoman Elizabeth Popowich.

After hearing the news, Abbasi contacted his friend Faycal Haggui and the two organized a vigil in Victoria Park at 6 p.m. on Monday to show solidarity with Muslims in Quebec.

“Quebec has a pretty large Muslim population, and so we don’t want them to feel any more marginalized given the events in the world and given what’s happening down south in the U.S.,” said Abbasi.

Haggui is from North Africa, and has lived in Saskatchewan since 1998. Like many, he was shook when he heard the news of the shooting.

“I kind of tried to understand what happened, and then became seriously worried about myself, and my community and my kids. Usually it happens somewhere else, and you never think that it could happen in Canada here,” said Haggui.

Fatima Rafat, a committee member with the Islamic Association of Saskatchewan (IAS), called the attack “mind boggling.”

“We always knew we were the target, but this is like becoming a reality in its worst form,” said Rafat, who lives in Regina and works fort a non-profit organization.

Rafat said the prejudiced views that are becoming more prevalent against Muslims around the world is something even Muslims in Saskatchewan have in the back of their minds.

“I go to yoga and I’m now thinking ‘Should I wear my head piece when I go to yoga?’ Like this is how crazy it is,” said Rafat, who immigrated to Saskatchewan from Pakistan 10 years ago.

Rafat said people have been leaving flowers in front of the IAS mosque at 3273 Montague St. She said the unity seen in the community is heartwarming, but lamented that it took six lives to bring people together.

“We watched the American elections very closely, and it was scary for us. We knew it was not going to be the same world that we are living in post Nov. 21, we knew that, but I think we didn’t expect it would unfold so fast and so drastically,” said Rafat.

Haggui said a mosque is a place people should feel safe, and that he wanted to organized the vigil because of how many people would be impacted by the shooting.

“I think the people creating this kind of violence are a minority in Canada and we should stand united, so that’s the message,” said Haggui.

The ban will not affect Canadians, until it did | Naila Chaudhry

My mind cannot stop wondering: what if that happened to me? What if that was my brother? My family? This just happened in my home. Not down south, but in my home, in Canada.

At least six dead in Quebec City, as a mosque was attacked shortly after evening prayers. This also happens just days after United States President Donald Trump bans refugees, migrants and foreign nationals from seven predominantly Muslim countries. As I flipped through every news channel, I heard this ban would not affect Canadians — but it just did. My fellow Muslim brothers have just been murdered in Canada because of their faith.

You see, Trump’s policies are a global issue. They may not be a threat directly, but when policies are based off of hate, it normalizes a hateful rhetoric. It normalizes animosity. That ideology then transcends borders and, ultimately, innocent people pay the price.

My mind cannot stop wondering: what if that happened to me? What if that was my brother? My family? This just happened in my home. Not down south, but in my home, in Canada.

Here in Saskatoon, my community is anxiously awaiting the next few weeks to pass, as the first ever purpose-built mosque in Saskatoon is almost finished. The construction is coming to an end after the 14 years I have lived in Saskatoon waiting for its completion. However, in these 14 years, I have never once fathomed that here in Canada our mosques could be a target of such violence. I could never imagine community members being killed while praying.

A mosque is a house of God. Its purpose is to emulate peace. It is a place for all people to come worship. Muslims are peaceful people. In times like this, my community and I open our doors for dialogue. Fear has been ignited amongst people, but hatred and violence is not the answer. It is never the answer.

The Fourth Caliph of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Mirza Tahir Ahmad, once said “swords can win territories, but not hearts. Force can bend heads, but not minds.”

Let us win hearts and bend minds with compassion, with love. Mosques around your community are open to all people. Let us not fear one another. Let us come together and unite under humanity. Let us not divide. Let us stand in alliance against hate. Let us talk.

Naila Chaudhry is a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamat in Saskatoon.

Read original post here: Perspective: The ban will not affect Canadians, until it did | Naila Chaudhry

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Bangalore organizes successful Peace Symposium 2017

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Bangalore organizes successful Peace Symposium 2017

Topic: “Absolute Justice – the Foundation for Lasting Peace”

The Hon’ble Governor of Karnataka Shri. Vajubhai Rudabhai Vala attended the Peace Symposium 2017 organized by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Bangalore at The Grand Magrath Hotel on Sunday the 29th of January.

The topic of the Peace Symposium was “Absolute Justice – the Foundation for Lasting Peace”. Mr. Shiraz Ahmad, the Additional Executive Director of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community India was also present for the event.

Eminent personalities like Prof. Dr. Baraguru Ramachandrappa (Kannada Writer & Scholar), Justice H N Nagamohan Das (Former Judge of High Court Karnataka) & Dr. K B Linge Gowda (Director of Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology Bengaluru) were the Guests of Honor.


Revered Religious Leaders like Dr. Fr. Victor Lobo SJ (Bangalore Archdiocese & Principal of St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore), Prof. Harjinder Singh Bhatia (Gurudwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha), Venerable Kassapa Mahathera (President of the Maha Bodhi Society), along with Moulvi Mir Abdul Hameed (Missionary Incharge of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Bengaluru) and Mr. Musaddiq Ahmed (President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Bengaluru) graced the occasion with their presence.

While addressing the gathering, the Honorable Governor of Karnataka expressed happiness at the efforts of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community towards establishing World Peace and appreciated the efforts made to bring people from different social backgrounds for the symposium.

He also shared valuable advise with the audience and emphasized that every Religion in it’s essence preaches love and peace, and that there is a need for respecting basic human values, our families & most importantly, to respect our mothers & women in general. He also vowed that the peaceful message of this program should not merely remain confined to such Symposiums, instead it should be carried far & wide by everyone present.

He was presented with the Gujarathi version of the Holy Quran and mementos for the efforts of upliftment of Peace in society, by Shiraz Ahmad.bangalore-5

Although the worldwide head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad was not personally present for the program, a documentary containing his message for world Peace was presented before the audience.

The Keynote Speech was delivered by Mr. Shiraz Ahmad, the Additional Executive Director of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community India.

In his speech, he mentioned that the foundation for lasting peace rests upon the creation of a bond with our Creator and His creation (through service). He also emphasized the fact that Islam rejects all forms of terrorism and supported this view by quoting the following verse from the Holy Quran: “Whosoever killed a person… it shall be as if he had killed all mankind.” (5:33).

There were more than 260 highly educated intellectuals, academicians, politicians, doctors, judges, lawyers, Administrative services, police Department higher ups, NGOs  and many respectable people of society, who attended the aghast gathering.

There was good media coverage as well, as 7 popular newspapers have printed the new in their papers.


Ahmadiyya Muslim Lawyers Assoc. Issues “What You Need to Know” Travel Advisory on Trump’s Muslim Ban

Anyone travelling to the U.S. should NOT sign a I-407 form.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Lawyers Association of the United States of America (AMLA-USA) has issued an urgent advisory for the traveling public, especially addressing the issues of those impacted by the President Trump’s Executive Order issued in the name of “Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States.”

President Trump signed the executive order last Friday evening directing the Homeland Security Department to keep certain travelers from entering the United States for 120 days and immigrants from seven nations out for three months.

The AMLA-USA advisory aims to alert travelers to know their rights, and advises to seek legal counsel before undertaking traveling plans to and from location outside of the United States.

The following are the key points of the advisory issued by AMLA-USA:

  • This order applies to anyone who is NOT a US CITIZEN or PERMANENT RESIDENT (green card holders). This order applies to VISA holders.
  • Canadian citizens should be able to travel to the US freely. If you have any trouble at the border, please call the Canadian Embassy at 613-996-8885.
  • It is strongly recommended that anyone other than a citizen or permanent resident not travel outside of the country for the next 120 days, irrespective of destination.
  • While Pakistan or India are not currently on the “countries of concern” or “banned” list, the executive order does mention Syria by name and references countries under Section 217(a)(12) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, including Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Sudan and Somalia. Notably, ANY country can be added at ANY time.
  • If you know someone who is entering the U.S. and is not a citizen in the next 120 days, have an attorney present at the airport when they arrive. Advise them before they start their travel back to the U.S. to ask for their attorney if they are detained at the airport. They should say: “My attorney is present at the airport; I have a legal right to speak to my attorney.”
  • Anyone travelling to the U.S. should NOT sign a I-407 form. If prompted to, please ask for your attorney. Signing this form will voluntarily strip you of your permanent resident status (Green Card).
  • Please do not change plans according to any media sources. Consult with an attorney before making any decisions.

Members of AMLA-USA have been actively providing guidance through their social media accounts.  You may follow the organization via their Twitter account @AMLAUSA.


Pakistan to tour West Indies for full series in March

Pakistan to tour West Indies for full series in March

West Indies will host a full series, including three Tests, against Pakistan beginning on March 31, the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) has said.

Queen’s Park Oval in Port-of-Spain will stage two Twenty20s, to be followed by three one-dayers at the Guyana National Stadium.

Kingston’s Sabina Park will host the first test from April 22, followed by matches in Bridgetown (April 30-May 4) and Roseau (May 10-14).

Former giants West Indies rank a lowly eighth in Tests and WICB manager of operations Roland Holder said the series against number five Pakistan would offer an additional opportunity to improve their ranking.

“Any series against Pakistan always poses an interesting contest for the West Indies,” he said in a statement.

There was no word from WICB, however, on the possibility of playing two Twenty20s in Pakistan, which remains a no-go zone for top teams wary of security issues in the country.

“There is an offer (from the PCB) to play two T20 matches in Pakistan, subject to Players’ Association agreement and security clearance,” Holder had earlier told ESPNcricinfo.

Schedule of Pakistan’s tour of West Indies:

Mar 31: 1st T20I, Port-of-Spain

Apr 2: 2nd T20I, Port-of-Spain

Apr 7: 1st ODI, Providence

Apr 9: 2nd ODI, Providence

Apr 11: 3rd ODI, Providence

Apr 22-26: 1st Test, Kingston

Apr 30-May 4: 2nd Test, Bridgetown

May 10-14: 3rd Test, Roseau

Sindh Governor Saeeuzzaman Siddiqui Passes Away

Sindh Governor Justice (retd) Saeeduzzaman Siddiqui died on Monday at a local hospital at the age of 79. The governor was sworn in on November 11 after removal of Ishtratul Ibad Khan,  longest-serving governor in Pakistan’s history.

He was shifted to a private hospital in Karachi in November after complaining about chest pain and difficulty in breathing.

Siddiqui was the chief justice of Pakistan during the 1999 military coup by General Pervez Musharraf and refused to take oath under the Provisional Constitutional Order (PCO) saying that “taking oath under the PCO, in my opinion, will be a deviation from the oath I had taken to defend the constitution of 1973”.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has expressed grief over the death of the governor.

The Prime Minister said the services of Justice (R)Saeed uz Zaman Siddiqui in the field of judiciary and upholding rule of law would be remembered, a statement issued from the PM s Office said.

Justice (R) Saeed uz Zaman was an upright and honest Judge who never compromised on his principles and remained impartial in delivery of justice, he said.

The prime minister  said that Justice (R) Saeed uz Zaman’s contributions regarding resisting and giving sacrifices against undemocratic elements were unparalleled.

He prayed for the departed soul and expressed sympathy with the bereaved family of Justice (R) Saeed uz Zaman.

Sarfraz Ahmed to miss Australia ODI after mother falls ill

Sarfraz Ahmed to miss Australia ODI after mother falls ill

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Media Director Amjad Hussain told DawnNews on Tuesday.

Sarfraz will return to Pakistan on the first available flight to see his mother, PCB sources said.

Sarfraz’s return is a second blow to the Pakistan One Day International squad, which is to face Australia without paceman Muhammad Irfan, whose mother passed away earlier this week. Irfan will be replaced by Junaid Khan.

According to PCB sources, Muhammad Hafeez will join the Pakistan team today, whereas Khan will join his teammates tomorrow.

Pakistan and Australia will face off in Brisbane on Jan 13.