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filtration Plant

Rabwah water filtration Plant in Bad condition.


Chenab Nagar: The only water filtration plant situated in the Rabwah is in bad condition due to the negligence of the administration and is almost non-operational.

This plant was built by the government and it cost millions of rupees but due to the poor performance of the local administration this is in bad condition and only a few taps are working.

People have to wait for hours to get some liters of water because only a few taps are functional.

When the authorities were approached and were asked about this issue they said that they have knowledge about this issue and will solve this issue very soon.


A cyclone building up in Arabian sea.


In Karachi, due to hot weathers, a cyclone is developing up in the Arabian Ocean the Department of Weather has said that.

They say that this is at the initial stage and right now this cannot be said that what would be the intensity of that cyclone whether it would be a strong category cyclone or a low category cyclone.

But the ing has been released and the general public is advised to not to on sea view do not come closer to the sea.

Fisherman also has been advised that they should stop fishing until further information has been disclosed about the cyclone and its intensity.



Chenab Bridge to attract more tourists- DPO

Chenab Nagar: DPO Chiniot has made a visit around the areas of Chenab on both sides.

He says that we will make this area more attractive and this will bring more tourists.

DPO Chiniot has ordered the authorities to make this area beautiful because people from the whole Pakistan come there to enjoy because of its beautiful geographical value.


DPO Chiniot during his visit.

He also said that renovate both sides along the bridges with trees and build the places for people to stay and make their selves happy.


Husband honor killed wife of 3 children in Chiniot.

Chenab Nagar:

A women wife o more than 3 children were killed early this morning by her husband on the name of honor.

Her husband says that she was characterless and was a shame for him to be his husband.

He planned with his friends and killed her after he grabbed her neck with a cloth and dragged her in the streets.

Police have arrested the killer and his friends.

The deceased woman was working in a house in Islamabad and she was in Chiniot on eid vacations.





Four people killed in collapse between Indian political parties.

In the West Bengal state of India workers of two main parties collapsed which resulted in 4 killings and at least 18 injured.

workers from the ruling right-wing party and rival party opened fire on one another which resulted in killings.

BJP the ruling party of Narendra Modi has recently won the election once again and came into power.

Local minister Jyotipriyo Mullick who belongs to the Trinamool party said one of their supporters was “hacked and shot dead by BJP workers”.

“When he was on his way to attend a party meeting, he was hacked at first.

When he managed to free himself, he was shot dead,” Mullick told reporters in Sandeshkhali.

Imran Khan

Imran Khan Congrats PM Modi on win.


Prime Minister Imran Khan once again has risen a hand of peace with India and congratulated Indian newly elected prime minister Narendra Modi.

In a letter written to Modi, Imran Khan wished him greeting and congratulated on becoming prime minister once again.

Imran Khan also urged India to resolve the kshmir issue between India and Pakistan by the dialogues.

Imran Khan also emphasized the need to work together on the basis of mutual respect and trust to address challenges faced by the people of both the countries, including poverty and underdevelopment


Father of Rana Kashif Mubeen Advocate passed away.


Chenab Nagar: Father of Rana Kashif Mubeen Advocate, (a well-known lawyer of Chenab Nagar), Mr, Rana Abdul Hakeem Kathgardhi has passed away at the age of 89.

He was a simple and humble man and famous personality in Rabwah.

He was also Fater of Mumtaz Shakoor (Germany), Saeed Nasir, Muneeb Rana, Rana Naveed from England.

His funeral prayer will be offered at Mubarik Mosque Rabwah on 09-06-2019 after Asar Prayer.



British Airways

British Airways restarted its services in Pakistan

It is a piece of good news for the people who have beloveds in United Kindom because they will not have to wait for the connecting flights to reach the UK or from the UK to rabwah, Because British Airways has resumed its operation in Pakistan which means people can  now travel direct non stop to Uk and they will not wait for the connecting flights.

The launch of the thrice-a-week service from London’s Heathrow Airport to Islamabad International Airport was welcomed by British and Pakistani officials, all saying it would boost tourism, trade, and business.

Some of the passengers who traveled in the flight said it was a pleasant journey and would prefer the airline when traveling to Islamabad. Another said that the resumption of the service will be “convincing for Pakistani expatriates”.

Shehbaz Sharif will come back on Saturday

Sharif had announced a “quick visit” to London on April 9 after his name was removed from the no-fly list on Lahore High Court orders. Party sources had said at the time that he intended to return within 10-12 days.

Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Shahbaz Sharif will be returning to Pakistan on June 8.

Earlier, lawyers had informed an Accountability Court that Sharif will be returning to Pakistan on June 11. However, it was also earlier said in court that the opposition leader will return to Pakistan after Eidul Fitr.

In the Ramzan Sugar Mills corruption case, Sharif and his son Hamza Shahbaz are accused of “fraudulently and dishonestly” causing an Rs213 million loss to the national exchequer.


People Across Pakistan Celebrating Eid.

Chenab Nagar RABWAH

Muslims in Pakistan, especially in Rabwah, are celebrating Eid-UL-Fitr Today.

People in Rabwah Offered Eid Prayers in the different Mosques of Rabwah.

On this occasion, security arrangments were made and police were deployed at the sensitive areas of the Rabwah.

People are sending greetings to each other.

People are going to many amusement parks and enjoying this Eid.