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occupied Kashmir

Australian journalist’s heartbreaking revelations on the situation in occupied Kashmir

Australian columnist CJ Verliman in his research column on the tense situation in occupied Kashmir presents horrifying statistics of humanitarian atrocities and serious human rights abuses.

Australian columnist CJ Warleyman shared a thread on Twitter, describing the story of occupied Kashmir, saying that occupied Kashmir is a globally recognized controversial territory in the United Nations. A total of 18 resolutions have been passed which demanded the withdrawal of the army from India and a referendum.

The Australian journalist further wrote that the UN Human Rights Commission had expressed grief over the unpredictable circumstances, but the number of Indian troops in occupied Kashmir has now exceeded seven million, imposing an Indian army soldier on every 10 Kashmiris. That is, so many soldiers are not even stationed in war-torn Iraq, Afghanistan and Gaza.

Australian journalist reports that incidents of rape of women by military officers and personnel have increased, on February 23, 1993, a large number of women were subjected to rape and 80 women were raped in one night.

The Australian columnist reveals that more than 6,000 graves have been recovered from different areas of occupied Kashmir, including mass graves, mostly of extra-judicial killings.

Since the Modi government’s controversial decision to abolish the special status of Kashmir on August 5, India’s true deadly face has been exposed globally and now international journalists are talking about the Modi government’s terrorism.



Indian Army Fires on LOC indiscriminately

India continues to violate Sezfire agreement on LOC, Indian Army indiscriminate firing and shelling in LOC Rawala coat sector, resulting in 2 civilian martyrdom and several injuries.

Assistant Commissioner says Indian army targeted wedding ceremony in Dera Sherkhan.

The Pak army has responded effectively to the Indian Army’s firing and attack. The effective operation of the Pak Army still underway says Assistant Commissioner Rawala coat


Line of Control

India orders Army to be ready for aggression on Line of Control

Lieutenant General Ranbir Singh, the head of the Indian Army’s Northern Command, has also announced that he is ready to take action on and off the Line of Control at any time.

According to details, the Indian news agency has informed that the Indian High Command has ordered the army deployed on the Line of Control to be ready for aggression at any time.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has repeatedly expressed concern over India’s possible aggression. However, the Pak Army is fully prepared and at all times alert to counter Indian aggression.

On the other hand, in the case of Kashmir, the Indian government was overwhelmed on diplomatic, political and defensive fronts.



We will surprise India over Border Violation -DGISPR

DGISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor has said that we will respond vigorously to any aggression from India. He said that Pakistan has the ability to respond to all kinds of threats.

The Pak army has an aye on the eastern border. He said that India is worsening the situation on the LoC, the Pak army is ready to respond to every attack by India, any aggression will be answered vigorously.

He added that the issue of occupied Kashmir could lead to a nuclear war between Pakistan and India. The DGISPR has said that Indian troops are standing at every door in Kashmir.


Four killed

Four killed in firing as they denied to stop music

Four people shot dead by a man in Owais Colony Kotla Abdullah Khan area of Bannu. Police officials say the incident took place in the area of Meer Khel where a man named Naseeb forbade his neighbor to play music loudly but they denied to lower the volume.

Police officials said Naseeb entered the neighbor’s house and opened fire, resulting in the death of their father, son, and daughter in the house, while six others were injured. One pedestrian was also killed in this incident.

Police arrived at the scene as soon as the incident was reported, but the suspect escaped.



The Iraqi teacher made his Kalashnikov a musical instrument

The teacher who took up Kalashnikov to protect his family during the Iraq war has changed his Kalashnikov to the musical instrument.

Majeed Ahmed, 50, is a teacher by profession, the pen is his weapon and knowledge is his gift that he distributes to his students so that peace, security, and tolerance can flourish in the society.

However, when the terrorists took hold of his city this teacher held the pen as well as Kalashnikov with him to protect his family.

When the environment got normal, teacher Majid Ahmed also changed Kalashnikov’s pellets to melodious melodies and now he plays Kalashnikov’s melodies of peace and sings love songs for his countary.


Russian pilot returned alive after 30 years the plane crash

It is said that he is present in Pakistan, The pilot has also been jailed for several years in Afghanistan and wants to return home.

The pilot of a warship that was destroyed during a bombing in Afghanistan during the former Soviet Union is claimed to be alive after he was counted dead for 30 years. A Russian statement said the Russian pilot was not seen after the plane crashed.

Therefore, he was considered to be dead. Falari Foszterstein, chairman of the Russian Co-operative Alliance, told the news agency that it was unbelievable that he (the pilot) was alive. Now he needs help. Fostrotin, who is chairman of the Russian-American Committee for the Search for Captives in War, did not reveal the identity of the airstrike that came to light 30 years later.

At the end of the war, the Soviet Union confirmed the disappearance of 300 soldiers, with no concrete evidence of being alive or dead. Which belongs to the Rostov region of southern Russia. The plane was hit after a flight from Bagram Airport. The base was later turned into a prison in the United States

Army Chief

Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa made a big statement in favor of Kashmir

Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa made a big statement on the occasion of Independence Day and said In 1947 a piece of paper could not change the status of Kashmir and the present Indian illegal move cannot do so.

No one can change the status of Kashmir in the future. There is no question of any kind of compromise on Kashmir. Pakistan is against India’s vicious ambitions and will always stand. No matter what we have to pay for it. Pak Army is ready to fulfill its national responsibilities for Kashmir cause.

In the face of Indian oppression, Kashmiris are like a lead wall, Army Chief stated in his statement that Pakistan Army is fully aware of the status of Jammu and Kashmir and is always ready to protect that Holiness.





Afghan Taliban

Afghan Taliban release 76 prisoners on Eid

On Eid al-Adha, Afghan Taliban chief Hibatullah Akhundzada ordered the release of 76 prisoners detained by Afghan Taliban in Uruzgan, Kunduz, Khost and Sar-e-Pul provinces of Afghanistan.

The Afghan Taliban statement said that in addition to these, many other prisoners who are in Afghan jails in other provinces of Afghanistan will be released soon.

Taliban has announced this at a time when a peace deal is expected between the US and the Taliban, while the next round of talks between the Afghan Taliban and US officials is expected to begin soon.