Police completed security arrangements in connection with Eid-ul-Adha


Security arrangements have been completed in connection with Eid-ul-Azha. On the occasion of Eid, peace and security will be ensured. Eid prayers will be arranged at mosques, imam bargahs, places of worship and open spaces.

Eid ul Adha will be offered in 154 locations across the district. More than 500 police officers and employees will perform duty at all these places. Walkthrough gates will be installed at important Eid prayers and visitors will be searched by physical and metal detectors.

A special traffic plan has been prepared for the public’s ease at the Eid on the Chenab River and the Dost Mohammad Lali Bridge.


Eid ul Adha

Eid ul Adha will be celebrated in Pakistan on August 12

Zee-ul-Hajj’s moon is visible in Pakistan, Eid ul-Adha will be celebrated on August 12, Chairman Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman said that 72 evidence has been received for viewing the moon.

According to media reports, a meeting of the Central Ravi Hilal Committee was chaired by Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman. Collecting testimonies of zonal committees across the country to watch the moon of Dhil Hajj.

To be clear, the Ministry of Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry also announced the date of Eid ul Adha on August 12 under the Islamic calendar.

On the other hand, the moon of Zul-Hajj was seen in Saudi Arabia, in the Gulf country on August 10 and Eid al-Adha will be celebrated on August 11.


civil defense

Country Defense and civil defense are compulsory: Deputy Commissioner

Armed defense and civil defense are compulsory, we must raise as much awareness as possible to ensure citizens’ defense by getting civil defense training, said Deputy Commissioner / Controller of Civil Defense Syed Aman Anwar Kadai. Addressing the distribution of certificates among teachers and teachers who received civil defense training at Government Boys School, the program was attended by CEO Co-Education Chaudhry Zulfiqar Hussain, Secondary Rai Mohammad Rashid, and Mail-Mail teachers of different schools.

Civil Defense Officer Chaudhry Muhammad Siddique thanked all the guests for attending the ceremony, saying that 80 miles per day teachers of the Education Department Secondary Wing have completed the Civil Defense training course on which they are being awarded complimentary certificates today, Addressing the ceremony, CO Education Chaudhry Zulfiqar Hussain said, “I am delighted that our teachers have received this training. I think that all the teachers in the entire district receive civil defense training and in the defense of the citizens with a spirit of service.” Should play their role, Deputy Commissioner addressing the attendees of the event / Controller Civil Defense Syed Anwar Kidwai congratulated teachers in order to complete the training of Civil Defense.

And now it is your responsibility to give the same training to the students of the educational institutions and to the men and women of your streets, he added, that it is the duty of every citizen, especially the students, of the present country. Avoid believing the rumors or confirming the situation, every Pakistani needs to volunteer in the Civil Defense Department for the defense of the country with the training we receive here to guide people in war or peace.

shepherd drowned

Rabwah- shepherd drowned during crossing the river Chenab

Chenab Nagar: Divers of the local NGO Lucky Rescue Water Sports Organization Chiniot found the body of a young shepherd and handed it over to the heires.

According to details, a 16-year-old drowned while crossing a river near the Chenab Chiniot Muslim Colony in the river Chenab. And local NGO Lucky Rescue and Water Sports Organization divers began a search operation to find the body of the young man, after 16 hours of continuous search, local NGO Lucky Rescue personnel retrieved the body of Mohammad Arshad.

Local NGO Lucky Rescue trained youth to hand over body The sinking of the heirs and Mohammad Arshad Hill area has a wealth of water sports and Rescue Organization’s efforts and thanked troops for humanitarian rescue.

Flood Warning

Extremely High Level Flood Warning from PDMA

Extremely High-Level Flood Warning from PDMA

Gujranwala Gujarat Sialkot Narowal Hafizabad Mandi Bahauddin Jhelum Jhang Chiniot Multan Khanewal Lahore Sheikhupura Okara Deputy Commissioner of Sahiwal continues the post.

A high flood warning has been issued in Chenab River between July 25 and 27 and people living along the river have been ordered to move to safer places.

Bellow is the full notice of warning ;

Flood Warning

illegal speed breakers

illegal speed breakers and ramps in Tahir Abad

Chenab Nagar: On the streets of Tahir Abad( area of rabwah) there are excessive speed breakers and people have constructed ramps in front of their houses due to which people are facing problems on roads and streets.

In the streets, there should not b speed breakers like this and we demand the administration to take action against these illegal breakers and ramps.

Mubarak sidiqi

Daughter Of Mubarak sidiqi has died.

Mubarak sidiqi

Daughter of Mubarak sidiqi a famous Ahmadi poet has died at the age of 25.

According to her father, Maryam Mubarak was admitted to the hospital due to fever and doctors were not able to find out what was the real problem.

After many tests, she was diagnosed with last stage cancer and she could not survive much longer and passed away at the age of just 25 years.

Her father on this terrible occasion has been acting with great patience and bravery and said that she belonged to Allah and now she was returned to Allah.

May Allah grant her high rank in Jannah.

Rabwah – Dr Abduas Salam Super Six Cricket League Match summary

Rabwah – Dr Abduas Salam Super Six Cricket League Match summary

Today a very fantastic match played between Skylite Networks and team Umer. After very interesting game team skylite won the match. That was the first match of the team skylite and was second of team Umer. According to the captain of the team skylite Mr paddy, the team confidence increase and all the boys played well especially Mr Adnan jaan played very well and announced the man of the match for secoring 55. He is confident he won the title of the league.