House Robbery

House Robbery in Ahmad Nagar


Chenab Nagar: In the area of Chenab Nagar, Ahmad Nagar a house was robbed in the daylight and police is silent and failed to catch the robbers.

According to details House ressident, Adif was in his house when armed robbers enter into his house and starred the robbery, within minutes he was abandoned from his money and jewelry.


10 year old girl raped

10 year old girl raped in mosque

Chenab Nagar: In HARIPUR a minor girl of age 10 was sexually assaulted by the man in the mosque.

According to her mother, she was at the mosque to learn the holy Quran by the qari of the mosque, when the Imam Masjid ( Qari) asked her to go to his room in the mosque to clean the kitchen plates.

Her mother said that she was raped by the two men namely Waqas and Qamar Abbas.

She told the police, her daughter was raped on June 4 and was threaten by putting a knife on her throat to keep silent and don’t tell about this to anyone.


Shop thieves active in Chenab Nagar

Chenab Nagar: Shop thieves are active again in the Chenab Nagar and in recent days more than 2 shops were robbed.

Fifty thousand and general household items were taken by the thieves recently from the local store.

Previously in 2018 on the same store, armed robbers have committed the crime a year ago.

The store owner has appealed to DPO to arrest the thieves.

domestic abuse

Another woman becomes victim of domestic abuse

Chenab Nagar: In the area of District Chiniot “Kout wasawa” a woman was beaten by her husband badly.

The woman was in her father’s home for many days due to abuse of her husband where her husband reached and started beating her and the mother of his wife.

In the result of the beating, the woman lost her teeth and the arm of her mother was fractured.

domestic abuse

Mother of the woman speaking with media correspondent.

Both were transferred to DHQ Chiniot, Police was informed but still no action has taken against the husband.

shot dead

A man shot dead in over property dispute

shot dead

Chenab Nagar: In the area of Chenab Nagar police station Burj Babal a man was shot dead over a dispute of property.

A young man named Muhammad Sher was shot by the opposite group when a dispute between the parties arose.

He was taken to Allied Hospital Faisalabad where he was not able to survive longer.


A christian Girl raped after Kidnapping -Police Silent

Seikhupura a girl was kidnapped and raped by a Local man.

After she was somehow made an escape and reach home crying.

After days of this incident, police filed an FIR but the offender is still not arrested.

The alleged man is giving a threat to the family of the girl and forcing the family to forgive him and take back the FIR.


Policeman get Murdered in Quetta

Constable Ahmed Jan Parkani was on his way to home after offering Taravih prayers when gunmen riding a motorcycle opened fire on him, police officials said.

The police constable received multiple bullet injuries and died before reaching the hospital.

Police says that it seems that this is a targeted killing meanwhile a traffic policeman was injured when the killer opened fire on the constable.