Without any investigations, the national TV channel of Pakistan, PTV telecasted the 6-year-old baseless and false allegations of the Indian Gujrat resident Congress leader Shankar Singh Waghela of 6 October, 2019. Saleem Uddin, the speaker of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at highly condemned this illogical act by PTV.

Mr Saleem Uddin says that it is worth condemning and pitiful to see the Indian politician connecting the peaceful Jama’at e Ahmadiyya with the extremist Hindu organization, RSS. The history of Jama’at e Ahmadiyya which expands to more than a hundred years is a witness that this is a peaceful organization. In its entire history, it has never been found involved in any kind of terrorist or extremist activity. They even don’t believe in such activities as their motto is “Love for all, Hatred for none”. While condemning the broadcast of the allegations of the congress leader, speaker for Jama’at e Ahmadiyya said that in this era of latest technologies, if this allegation was investigated just a little bit, then it would have been found that it dates back to 2013. This allegation all based upon falsehood originally came out in 2013 and at that time also, Jama’at e Ahmadiyya made a requisition to the congress leader to take back his false allegation which he made without any evidence. They also asked him to apologize. 

The speaker further added that Jama’at e Ahmadiyya has itself been a target of terrorist and extremist activities. Their history is a witness that they believe in peace, justice and righteousness. In view of the tense situation between Pakistan and India and the political situation of Pakistan, the broadcast of the 6-year-old allegation of PTV and some other channels was a show of lack of responsibility. The speaker added that it is a planned conspiracy against the Ahmadiyya Jama’at to spread hatred against them. 

It is really pitiable to see this sort of news broadcasted again and again on the national TV channel. He demanded the Ministry of Information to investigate the unauthorized broadcast of this 6-year-old statement on the television.


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