Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: In Pakistan, wherever the women choose a profession of their choice or to make a living, they are criticized by the old-minded people and they are forced to abandon it.

The same happened with the women of the city of Dera Ismail Khan in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa when they pursued the profession of journalism. They were told ‘what would the people say’, ‘no one will marry you’ and many other such discouraging sentences. At some places, Their coverage was banned for their being women and at some places they were asked to safeguard the traditions of their society.

Nevertheless, these educated women broke the chains of the old traditions and set out something new for the women and rebelled such a society which deprives the women of their rights. In this backward city of Pakistan, 7 friends chose the profession of practicing journalism out of sheer interest. This profession is not thought of as being good for the women of this area. By the help of technology and social media, these women have told the public about the issues their people are facing.

After taking a masters degree in journalism from Gomal University, these girls created a web channel and made a web page on social media. These girls include Aiman Shaikh, Urwah Ahmad, Shafaq Sheerazi and Quldoom Shaikh. They have represented such a society where women are free to choose just a few professions including health and education.

Graduated in the field of journalism, to practically apple whatever they have studied, these girls knocked the doors of various media houses, but they got no encouragement. As a result, they created their own web page on social media with the name “Lady TV”.

These female journalists said that now they have authority and work as they desire and they are pressurized in no way. Whenever the people read the reports written by them and comment on them, they learn very much. There are three to four active pages on social media made by the women of Sialkot. One of them is the “Burqa Journalist”. A few women are also included in more than two dozen journalists who work for the locality. These women are busy in depicting the problems their people are facing.






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