Prime Minister Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said, “Listen, Modi! Kashmiris are not scared. You cannot defeat them, I will become the ambassador of Kashmir in the world and tell the world what the RSS is really about.

I want to tell the Indian Army.” That extremism will rise in the valley because those you are oppressing will fight against oppression, he said.

Addressing the Kashmiri people in Muzaffarabad, he said, “First I am Pakistani, then Muslim, Kashmir issue is a problem of humanity. Modi, a cowardly human being deployed 9 lakh army in Kashmir for 40 days.” Kashmiris are locked in homes. A brave man and a human being cannot oppress children and women like this.

“Narendra Modi, I want to convey the message, no matter how cruel you may be, you will not succeed, because the people of Kashmir have lost all fear of death, their fear has gone away, you can no longer defeat them, We should all know that Modi is a childhood member of the RSS, a party that hates Muslims.”




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