A cyclone building up in Arabian sea.


In Karachi, due to hot weathers, a cyclone is developing up in the Arabian Ocean the Department of Weather has said that.

They say that this is at the initial stage and right now this cannot be said that what would be the intensity of that cyclone whether it would be a strong category cyclone or a low category cyclone.

But the ing has been released and the general public is advised to not to on sea view do not come closer to the sea.

Fisherman also has been advised that they should stop fishing until further information has been disclosed about the cyclone and its intensity.



Chenab Bridge to attract more tourists- DPO

Chenab Nagar: DPO Chiniot has made a visit around the areas of Chenab on both sides.

He says that we will make this area more attractive and this will bring more tourists.

DPO Chiniot has ordered the authorities to make this area beautiful because people from the whole Pakistan come there to enjoy because of its beautiful geographical value.


DPO Chiniot during his visit.

He also said that renovate both sides along the bridges with trees and build the places for people to stay and make their selves happy.