Husband honor killed wife of 3 children in Chiniot.

Chenab Nagar:

A women wife o more than 3 children were killed early this morning by her husband on the name of honor.

Her husband says that she was characterless and was a shame for him to be his husband.

He planned with his friends and killed her after he grabbed her neck with a cloth and dragged her in the streets.

Police have arrested the killer and his friends.

The deceased woman was working in a house in Islamabad and she was in Chiniot on eid vacations.





Four people killed in collapse between Indian political parties.

In the West Bengal state of India workers of two main parties collapsed which resulted in 4 killings and at least 18 injured.

workers from the ruling right-wing party and rival party opened fire on one another which resulted in killings.

BJP the ruling party of Narendra Modi has recently won the election once again and came into power.

Local minister Jyotipriyo Mullick who belongs to the Trinamool party said one of their supporters was “hacked and shot dead by BJP workers”.

“When he was on his way to attend a party meeting, he was hacked at first.

When he managed to free himself, he was shot dead,” Mullick told reporters in Sandeshkhali.