People Across Pakistan Celebrating Eid.

Chenab Nagar RABWAH

Muslims in Pakistan, especially in Rabwah, are celebrating Eid-UL-Fitr Today.

People in Rabwah Offered Eid Prayers in the different Mosques of Rabwah.

On this occasion, security arrangments were made and police were deployed at the sensitive areas of the Rabwah.

People are sending greetings to each other.

People are going to many amusement parks and enjoying this Eid.



Slaughter House waste not properly disposing off by TMA

Chenab Nagar: Due to the negligence of TMA Rabwah the waste of slaughterhouse is not disposed of properly.

The waste and remains of animals are not buried in the ground that’s why the smell of waste is a causing serious problem to the public.

Due to hard weather, the remains of animals are decomposing quickly and due to fast winds, it is spreading widely across the city which is causing the problem in breathing and many diseases.

The public of the Rabwah has demanded from higher authorities to take notice of that and make the TMA responsible so they can do their work properly.